Citunius Notifier® for Nagios

Business Bot (Chatbot): Citunius Notifier® for Nagios® Core and Nagios® XI

This Business Bot enhances the capabilities of the Nagios monitoring solution for complex IT infrastructures with instant messages. The Nagios plugin seamlessly integrates with the existing monitoring solution and is available as an on-premise and cloud solution. As an administrator or manager, you can receive all Nagios notifications as instant messages on your mobile device (Facebook™ Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business™, Telegram™ Messenger and Threema). Respond to critical situations instantly by receiving critical alerts from Nagios as instant messages. Thanks to the Business Bot Notifier, you can escalate with an instant message to the next person in the chain if the primary person is not responding (for example, in case of holidays, training or illness).

Moreover, a dialogue between the mobile user and the Nagios solution can be established in order to initiate further steps and actions in a critical situation. The Business Bot offers users a customized service menu. The service menu allows you to retrieve frequently used information and to perform custom actions without the need for a text-based conversation. The menu structure and the underlying functions can be adjusted to your needs. Furthermore, you can define the logic of the Business Bot for your company-specific processes and implement user-specific interactions.

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What are the advantages of Nagios Notifier?
Benefits at a glance

Reliable Alarms

Reliable Alarms

Supports several ways to send Nagios alarm notifications as instant messages to various instant messengers. Use an alarm template or compose the instant message with your desired alarm information.

Escalation in case of system failure

Escalation in case of system failure

Keep control in critical situations by receiving critical alerts as instant message.

Adaptation to business processes

Adaptation to business processes

The Nagios Notifier communicates with administrators and managers to initiate further actions. For this purpose, you have the possibility to adapt the Nagios Notifier to company-specific processes.

How does Nagios Notifier work?

An alert (e.g., system or service is unavailable) is pushed to the Business Bot Platform by the Nagios plugin (called Nagios Notifier), and the platform takes care of delivering the alarm information as an instant message to various users, distribution lists, or groups.

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