Business Bot Platform

What is the Business Bot Platform?

The Business Bot Platform is a quick and hassle-free solution based on instant messengers for your business applications to automate individual interaction with users.

A Business Bot (Chatbot) represents the software for a particular application. If you do not want to realize your own Business Bot, you can download Business Bots for various use cases from our Citunius Marketplace.

The Business Bot Platform receives the messages generated by the business system and forwards them to the appropriate Business Bot. The Business Bot now processes the message and sends a custom instant message to the user via the platform. The platform takes care of communication with the various instant messaging providers, such as Facebook™ Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business™ and Telegram™ Messenger.

Moreover, custom widgets can be integrated into your website to send instant messages to a previously defined account. The platform also offers many more advantages for you. We don't want you to waste time on waiting for user replies to process a workflow. We offer various system integration for our Business Bot Platform to reduce in-house development costs.


The Business Bot Platform at a glance


What advantages does the platform have?
Benefits at a Glance

Eine Plattform

One platform for all chatbots

One platform for various use cases (a business bot per application) avoids heterogeneous insellations.

Broad coverage

With various instant messengers, you can reach users of various mobile device classes and instant messenger providers.

Cost reduction

Dedicated Business Bots help you reduce costs in the field of service and support while providing a great user experience.
Einzigartige Benutzererfahrung

Unique user experience

Provide your customers a great customer service as chatbot, which professionally represents your company.
Verfügbarkeit 24/7

Availability 24/7

Your Business Bot never sleeps, offering a first class service around the clock.


Decide who realize the Business Bot (Chatbot). We gladly support you.
Einfache Bedienung

Easy handling

Business Bots are a simpler technology for end users to more easily work on a specific subject. They can understand the commands and questions you have entered to provide an appropriate response.
Digitale Daten für neue Dienstleistungen

Digital data for new services

Digital data represent an asset for your business in order to create new services (e.g., Big Data)

Full transparency

Processes and decisions are made more transparent by communicating via Instant Message, because they are not lost in your personal archive like e-mails.

We offer our managed cloud solution as a Public Cloud in the starter package and as Private Cloud in the business and enterprise package for higher safety standards. While the starter package carry out a logical separation of customer data, the Business & Enterprise package is using a custom tenant. A dedicated virtual platform environment up to an exclusive customer server can be arrange on request for your individual needs. Contact us, we will advise you.

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