Integrate Instant Messaging into your Business System

Our Business Bots (Chatbots) allow you to define the communication between mobile and stationary users. Either send system events (e.g. Ticket system, Monitoring system) and simple user messages directly to the mobile device's lock screen or allow the user to perform smart interactions with our chatbots.

The Business Bot Platform

The platform hosts all of your Chatbots so that you can offer your customers an unique user experience with Chatbots. Your tailored Chatbots communicate between (mobile) users and the business systems, such as System Monitoring Solutions, Ticket Systems, ERP and CRM Systems.

The Business Bot Platform for your business chatbots

What advantages does the platform have for your company?

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Selected Platform Features

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Administration and Dashboard

Administration of the platform via a modern web-based user interface

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Business Systems

Can be used in business systems in the field of CRM, ERP, IoT and Service Management Systems

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Integrate widgets for message delivery into your corporate website

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Instant Messengers

Choose between Facebook™ Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business™ or Telegram™ Messenger

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Business Bots

Own business logic and customizable service menus for your important information

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Business Bot Marketplace

Create your own Business Bot or choose one from our marketplace

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