Use Cases

Discover how the Business Bot Platform can give your business unique benefits.

 Different use cases for the integration of chatbots into various business systems.

Optimization in Service Management

Service management not only serves as the best possible support for business processes but also increases customer satisfaction. Optimization can be achieved in various areas, such as service, logistics and customer management. If one of the areas is inefficient, it comes to long loading times and information gaps. In addition, a negative service experience can lead to potential purchase decisions being delayed or reconsidered, which causes loss of sales or, in worst case, loss of the customer. To avoid such losses, the optimization should be continued continuously in the field of IT service management (ITSM) and supplemented with more efficient IT tools.

Alert paths in monitoring

The website is the flagship for companies. Be it the company website, cloud solution for customers or a webshop. If users cannot access the website around the clock, it comes to long loading times. In addition, purchasing processes in the webshop or cloud functions can fail due to technical errors, which can lead to loss of reputation and customer. To avoid such losses, the network monitoring solution should warn immediately if the website has unusual behavior.

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