Survey Assistant

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Business Chatbot: Citunius® SurveyAssistant

The SurveyAssistant is a chat-based and professional survey tool that allows you to perform surveys efficiently. The solution offers you simplest handling, is maintenance-free and due to the integrated security model it offers you a high degree of data security.

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What are the business advantages of the SurveyAssistant?

Benefits at a glance

Surveys are cost-efficient

Surveys via instant messenger are one of the most affordable methods to collect quantitative data. Especially mobile surveys have a very low cost and reach a very large audience. In addition, there are no printing and personnel costs.

They’re practical

Apart from being inexpensive and flexible, surveys via Instant Messenger are also a practical way to gather data. They can be targeted to groups of your choosing and managed in various ways. You can pick and choose the questions asked as well as the format (open-ended or multiple choice). They offer a way to gather vast amounts of data on any subject.

Speedy results

It’s quick and easy to collect results using the SurveyAssistant. This means that you can gain insights in as little as 24 hours (or less!), depending on the scale and reach of your survey. You don’t need to wait for another company to deliver the answers you need.


Most survey and questionnaire providers are quantitative in nature and allow an easy analysis of results. You can send your questions to anyone via instant messenger - no matter where they are in the world. This means you can target a city or country in a convenient way. However, it is important to take cultural differences into account when conducting global research.

User anonymity

Digital surveys give the best sense of anonymity and privacy. This type of questionnaire is great for all sorts of businesses and subject matter and results in the most honest answers. You can be sure your results will be much more accurate when using this method.

No pressure

When using mail-in, online or email questionnaires, there’s no time limit and no one on the other end waiting for an answer. Respondents can take their time to complete the question. They will often answer more truthfully, research has shown that having a researcher present can lead to less honest and more social desirable answers.

Cover all aspects of a topic

One of the biggest advantages is being able to ask as many questions as you like. Of course, it benefits the marketer to keep each individual questionnaire short, since respondents may find a long one frustrating. However, since they are efficient, cost-effective in nature and have an easy mode of delivery, there is no harm in creating multiple surveys that build upon one another.

Customer satisfaction

The results of your surveys help you to initiate actions to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

What are the technical advantages of the SurveyAssistant?

Benefits at a glance

Graphical real-time analyses and evaluations

You always have an up-to-date view of your survey data in real time. So you don't have to wait until the end of a survey to see the first results. See trends and tendencies while you're watching!

Survey and participant statistics

The evaluations contain important meta information about the current survey itself, such as how many participants have opened and filled out completely or partially the questionnaire. This evaluation also provides information on the completion rate, i.e. how many people started the survey but then no longer worked on it.

Distribution to mobile users

Conduct your survey using Instant Messenger such as Telegram Messenger, Facebook Messenger, XMPP, and Threema.

Survey templates and question catalogue

Dozens of survey templates and a comprehensive question catalogue help you to create an online survey quickly and easily.

Group of participants

Add mobile users to the survey who should have access to surveys and avoid spam and unwanted responses.

Complete raw data export

The SurveyAssistant allows you to download the complete raw data as file. You can even refine your export and adapt it to your personal requirements.

SSL secured surveys

Enable SSL protection for your surveys to ensure absolutely secure data transfer. All communication channels are secured by encryption.

Multilingual surveys

Create surveys in all languages encoded in UTF-8 format.

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