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About Citunius

We at Citunius are a young, ambitious startup located in Mainz, Germany with an international orientation and the objective to become a globally renowned company. We believe in giving every company the competence to make its business processes and workflows more productive and efficient through instant messaging. Citunius is focused on fulfilling this claim by getting a powerful software platform for professional chatbots and business logics in the hands of everyone.

We want to create significant competitive advantages for companies and organizations by increasing efficiency and productivity through instant messaging while ensuring a great user experience. We believe this will enable us to address important issues in changing user behavior across all industries and solve them with a talented team and mature technology.

When Dr.-Ing. Jens Michael Eymann started developing the Business Bot Platform (BBP), he had a great vision. He foresaw the platform as software that not primarily puts chatbots in the foreground, but also the people who use the valuable digital helpers on a daily basis. The human being remains in the foreground and is supported in everyday life by chatbots. Chatbots should give people back time to concentrate on other activities.

What are Chatbots?

The concept of chatbots is not a new idea, and the general idea of text-based electronic communication is one which most are familiar with, although terminology may be different. Here is a very brief overview:

Chatbot or short Bot is a text-based dialog system that allows communication with a technical system. A chatbot platform is a unified base that provides the same components such as messenger channels, security, administration for different chatbots. The components of the platform are not visible to chatbots running on the platform.

If you’re interested in learning more there are some excellent resources available which give more background information to get you started.

About Citunius.de

The Citunius.de website is operated by Citunius GmbH, the world’s only on-premise chatbot platform. The Business Bot platform enables companies and organizations to integrate professional chatbots into business processes via instant messaging, while providing a unique customer experience. With its modern dialogue approach between mobile users and different business systems, the Business Bot Platform enables companies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in workflows.

More Information

If you’re interested in learning more about the Business Bot Platform or its founder, Michael, then dig in or join the community.