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For the unique user experience with extensive service and functionalities for various platforms.


RHEL / CentOS / Docker

Virtuelle Maschine (VM)

Business Platform for Chatbots

The Business Bot Platform is a new way to provide automated services to your company. Our digital assistants (chatbots) offer a cognitive, conversational experience that can provide answers and take action.

What makes the Business Bot Platform unique?

The Business Bot Platform at a glance

Chatbot Templates for the Business Bot Platform

With a chatbot you create a unique user experience, increase customer and employee satisfaction and give yourself a significant competitive advantage. To make working with this platform as easy as possible, the edition comes with different chatbot templates. The templates were designed directly by the Citunius developers. All templates contain a tidy design with ready-made text snippets, which you can of course exchange individually and simply in the backend.

Individual Chatbots

Talk to your customers and employees with customized chatbot services. With new use cases you can talk to customers according to self-defined criteria and workflows and then send them tailored chatbot answers. With personalized content that can be customized for each target user, you can show your customers and employees what really interests them and awaken their desire for more. The platform can be perfectly integrated and combined with other software systems.

Use Cases

The chatbot draws the attention of your customers and employees to specific topics. For example, if you want to provide your customers with the latest information, you can set the desired properties for the respective chatbots in the backend. The trick: The chatbot responses are dynamic and the content updates automatically when, for example, new data is added to the external software system that meets the filter criteria of the respective chatbot.

Visual Recognition

Quickly and accurately tag, classify and train visual content using machine learning.

What advantages does the platform have?

One platform for all chatbots

One platform for various use cases (one business chatbot per application) avoids heterogeneous insellations.

Broad coverage

Thanks to the support of various instant messenger providers, you can reach users of various device classes such as smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Cost reduction

Business Chatbots help you to reduce costs significantly not only in the field of service and support but also other cost centre while providing a great user experience.

Unique user experience

Provide your customers a great customer service as chatbot, which professionally represents your company.

Availability 24/7

Your Business Chatbot that never sleeps, offer your clients a first class service around the clock at a consistent high level of quality.


You do not want an out-of-the-box chatbot and more flexibility? You decide who should make the realization of the chatbot. Our API is open for extensions. We gladly support you.

Easy handling

Business Chatbots are a simpler technology for end users to more easily work on a specific subject. They can understand the commands and questions you have entered to provide an appropriate response.

Digital data for new services

Digital data represent an asset for your business in order to create new services and make better decisions. Users can help you with business decision-making.

Full transparency

Processes and decisions are made more transparent by communicating via instant message, because they are not lost in your personal archive like e-mails and can be integrated into business processes.

See what are the technical advantages of this platform

Administration interface of the Business Bot Platform

Which option is right for you?

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Cloud Solution

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