What makes the Business Bot Platform unique?

On-Premise Installation

The Business Bot Platform is available as on-premise installation if you have special demands on security and data privacy. Be your own administrator of the platform. No other chatbot platform provides this option for customers and represent an unique benefit for you.

Business Logics for Chatbots

The Business Bots are free to use any additional library, framework and web services. You can use either our out of the box chatbots using the web-based UI dialogue designer or realize your own chatbot with dialogues and system integration (in this case, we supply the communication between your chatbot and user for various instant messenger). We provide with our platform several enterprise features such as user management, access control for your chatbot, update control and other components. Our solution is an open platform, thus you are free to use our platform with 3rd party suppliers without any restrictions.


The platform provides a comprehensive security framework for all chatbots. Most chatbots on the market are accessible for everybody, without any authentication. Our platform provide user authentication for each chatbot to protect sensitive data.

Marketplace for Chatbots

The marketplace of this platform allow you to list your chatbot for other clients or company-internal usage. All chatbots are stored into a repository.

Dialogue Designer

The Business Bot Platform provides a common dialogue designer to easily train conversations and pre-installed content.

You want to know more about the platform or have questions?

We will gladly answer your questions. Contact us or request a free demo for Business or Enterprise Edition.