Notifier for OTRS

The chatbot for your issue tracking system

Business Chatbot: Citunius Notifier for OTRS Free and OTRS Business Solution™

The Business Bot Notifier for OTRS extends the capabilities of the ticket system OTRS with instant messaging. The OTRS plugin integrates seamlessly into the existing ticket system solution and is available as an on-premise and cloud solution.

As customer, ticket worker, administrator, or manager, you can receive selected OTRS notifications as instant message on your mobile device (Facebook™ Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business™, Telegram™ Messenger and Threema). This allows you to respond to critical situations by receiving new and updated ticket information from OTRS system as an instant message.

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What are the advantages of the Notifier for OTRS?

Benefits at a glance

Message template

Use the message template or compose the instant message with your desired OTRS ticket information.

Flexible with additional information expandable

Keep control in critical situations by receiving critical ticket information as instant message.

Adaptation to business processes

The Notifier can be specifically tailored by our experts to your requirements.

How does the Notifier for OTRS work?

The OTRS plugin is informed about a newly created or updated ticket and is processing selected ticket information within the OTRS system. The selected information is pushed to the Business Bot Platform and processed by the Business Bot Notifier for OTRS. The platform takes care of delivering the selected OTRS information as an instant message to various users, distribution lists, or groups.

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