Web Alerter

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Business Chatbot: Citunius® WebAlerter

The chatbot allows you to monitor the web for interesting new content. As company, you want to know how your reputation is perceived on the Internet, which channels play a special role and how customers can be easily reached. Those responsible use a monitoring tool that monitors what is happening on the net. The chatbot supports you in compiling new content and sending it by instant message at a specified time to you. This not only saves valuable time for other activities, but also gives you the opportunity to proactively react to new entries in forums, interactions on blogs and articles.

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What are the business advantages of the WebAlerter?

Benefits at a glance

Monitor brand and products

Participate early in the discussion about your brand and products in order to avoid potential shit storms early on. Even if you write guest contributions or even give interviews on the Internet, then it makes sense to monitor your own name.

Satisfied customers

Real-time information enables you to take immediate action if customer complaints rise suddenly, if products do not work as desired and services are not available (e.g. web shop not accessible).


Of course, you don't just want to keep an eye on your own brand, you also want to keep an eye on your most important competitors. This allows you to see immediately if your competitors are up to something and are mentioned in newspaper reports. With the data of the chatbots you won't miss anything. This gives you valuable time to take action.

What are the technical advantages of the WebAlerter?

Benefits at a glance

Frequency of alerts

Get scheduled search results by instant message when a new entry is found.

Result types

Specify which result types you want to receive. For example, text-based results, PDF files or images.

Adaptable to your requirements

The chatbot can be specially tailored to your requirements by our experts.

Language of search results

Get results only for a specific national language or in all languages.

Data source

Define the data source for you search query so that only search results are displayed from a specify web page.

Multi-language support

The chatbot supports several languages, including German and English but can be extended by any UTF-8 language.

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