What are the technical advantages of the platform?

The advantages at a glance

Customizable Chatbots

Business chatbots are not tied to a specific technology. Decide for yourself which use case you want to realize and which business system the chatbot should communicate. Moreover chose your preferred library for Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Dialogue Designer

Define how the user interaction should look like. Define entities and user inputs to perform the desired (system) activity (e.g. What are my task today). Use components such as a simple search query, custom menu bar, and computational linguistics (syntactic and semantic analysis).

Widget Gallery

The gallery includes widgets to integrate features and functions of the business chatbots into the corporate web page. Widgets for user registration and messaging can be easily integrated into your web page (e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint) in few seconds comparable to sharing a YouTube video.

Distribution lists and Groups

The delivery of instant messages can take place via distribution lists and message groups in order to inform defined groups of persons. This allow to you reach all team members sending only one message.

User Roles

Every organization consists of team members having various permissions level to view, add and edit data. A user role has various permissions to ensure control and security at all times.


The Dashboard provides an easy overview for managers in regards of message delivery such as message count, most used instant messenger as well as operational state of the chatbots.

Platform Operation

We offer different types of deployment. The solution is available either as Cloud solution or On-premise installation. While the cloud solution is hosted in our data center, the on-premise software is installed locally on company-owned servers.


Per default, business chatbots have an authentication mechanism and access lists on user level. This ensures maximum security against unauthorized access. Moreover, the communication takes place via SSL/TLS encryption.

Authentication via the company

Allow users to log in through the company's existing user directory. We supported the authentication through LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory and SQL-based mechanism.

Interfaces (API)

The access to the secure API takes place through authentication and encrypted SSL/TLS connection which enable you to integrate own business systems. Moreover, you can monitor the connections between the business system and the platform at any time.

National Language Support (NLS)

Business chatbots and the administration interface support various languages (UTF-8). Per default, we supply German and English but also other languages on request.

Update Mechanism and Plug and Play Functionality

Business chatbots in production can be updated with few mouse clicks from a central software repository and without the need of expensive maintenance work. As easy as an app store, but exclusively for business chatbots.

Administration and Dashboard

Modern web-based user interface

The user interface allows you to manage all functions and features of the Business Bot platform. For example, you can manage users, bot, Business Bots, and business systems as well as customize the platform behavior to your needs. Moreover, you can also manage message groups and distribution lists to define the message delivery. The interfaces to the various Instant Messengers are also conveniently configured via the user interface.


The dashboard gives you an overview of all important information of the Business Bot Platform. This keeps you in control of messaging, mobile users, and Business Bots.

Business Logics

Service Related Instant Menu

Our Business Bots do not only conducting a mobile user dialogue but also offer the mobile user a customized service menu. The service menu allows you to retrieve frequently used information without the need for a text-based bot conversation. The menu structure and the underlying functions can be adjusted according to your needs.

Customizable logic and user interaction

The user interface allows you to create and manage various personalized Business Bots for specific tasks. Our Business Bots allow users to interact with various enterprise systems. In addition, you can define your own logic for a Business Bot and implement user-specific interactions.

Further Plattform Features in Detail

Business Systems

Business systems usage in the field of CRM, ERP, and IoT

 The Business Bot platform enables you to connect various business systems from the field of CRM, ERP, and IoT with Business Bot to allow a dialogue with mobile and stationary users. In addition, you are free to design the interaction with the users, which can be a simple query of information from your business system or more complex algorithms based dialogues.

Instant Messengers

Choose between Facebook™ Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business™ or Telegram™ Messenger

 You have the choice between public instant messengers such as Facebook™ Messenger, Telegram™ Messenger and Microsoft Skype for Business™ as the standard for corporate communications. While Skype for Business uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as communication protocol for encryption and security, Telegram uses Symmetric AES encryption (AES-256), RSA encryption (RSA-2048), and the Diffie–Hellman key exchange procedures.

Business Logic Marketplace

Create your own business logic or choose one from our marketplace

 The marketplace is an Internet-based digital platform for Business Bots designed for various applications. The Business Bots are either from us or from certified third parties such as free software developers and software companies. The service enables customers of the Business Bot platform to find and download software from the catalog for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as other devices such as personal computers.


Most customers have an intranet website to publish new updates to the employees. If employees want to contact the owner of the intranet article, they have to send him an email. Our personalized and customized widget can be integrated to your website and allows you to contact the article owner directy via an instant message. Moreover, you are able to create message group and distribution lists in order to address reader’s comment and feedback instantly.

 Our widget integrations offers an easy way to integrate the Business Bot Platform directly into your webpage. The widgets can be customized to your own website and offers your website visitors a convenient and direct way to contact you. Of course, you can embed the widgets not only on commercial website, but also on the webpage of your club, hotel or private homepage. After selecting a widget from the Widget Gallery, you will get an HTML code that you can comfortably insert to the desired place of your website. Users can instantly use the embedded widget – for your corporate-internal or public forum, your company blog or Intranet website. The following widget integrations are available for your website.

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