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Business Bot (Chatbot): Knowledge Dealer

The Business Bot allows you to query any knowledge base via instant message. For this purpose, the user sends a keyword as an instant message to the Knowledge Dealer Chatbot and gets the result as a response in the chat window. The user can use various instant messengers for the query, such as Facebook™ Messenger, Microsoft Skype for Business™, Telegram™ Messenger and Threema.

Do you need a Business Bot for your company's internal Wiki or any other knowledge database?

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Contact us, because the menu structure and the underlying functions can be customized for you. Furthermore, you can define the logic of the Business Bot for your company-specific processes and implement user-specific interactions.

Knowledge Dealer for Wikipedia in Telegram Messenger

What are the advantages of the Knowledge Dealer?
Benefits at a glance

Various Instant MessengerVarious Instant Messenger

The Knowledge Dealer supports various instant messengers so that different user groups can be reached.
Adaptation to business processesAdaptation to business processes

Would you like to establish a dialogue with your company-internal knowledge databases? Contact us.
Link to any knowledge databasesLink to any knowledge databases

The Knowledge Dealer can be adapted to company-specific knowledge databases and processes.

How does the Knowledge Dealers work?

The Knowledge Dealer can be used for any knowledge database. The user request is sent to the knowledge database, the returned results are processed and then communicated to the user.

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