Message Gateway

Monolog based message delivery in RAW format

The Business Bot Message Gateway provide the capability to forward information to the user as plaintext instant messages (RAW format). The Message Gateway does not make any changes to the message content. In addition, the Business Bot is designed for a monologue for the purpose of simply delivering information to the user.

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  • Sending information as plain text (RAW)
  • Monologue based communication
  • Ideal for sending RAW events, e.g. sensor data
  • Included without extra costs
  • Compatible with all instant messenger
  • Default system integration supplied

What technical facts has the Message Gateway?
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Based on an event (e.g., an entry in the event log), the mobile user can not formulate a reply (response or action) to this message because it is not required or desired by the system. In this case, the information is to be provided only.

The message is delivered to the mobile user without filtering or manipulating the message content. There is also no syntactic and semantic analysis of the message content.
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The Message Gateway can be linked to widgets so that messages created by widgets can be sent as instant message to a group or distribution list through the Message Gateway.

The Message Gateway at a glance

An event (such as a system event and application event) is delivered to the Business Bot Platform, and the platform manages the delivery of the information as an instant message to various users, distribution lists, or groups.

Message Gateway

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